The Zodiac In Love
The ram is quick with love, rarely gentle but always passionate. They will spark a fire inside of you and run. They live a very raw, primitive life. Don't bother with them if you aren't looking for a well performed game of cat-and-mouse because they are the Casanova of Astrology.
They might appear cold and stubborn, but they are full of warmth and sensuality. The bull might appear lazy and incapable of certain emotions, but they will charge towards the red blood inside your heart and make it home.
ruled by Mercury, their minds are a battleground. Their exterior seems almost flawless though, and they are full of temptation. They can use their charm to manipulate you --- if they ever conquer their anxiety. They are also the twins, so you'll either get the best or the worst. There's no such thing as mediocrity with them.
you must be gentle when it comes to loving a crab. They are soft and delicate underneath it all. They are a maker of all sorts, so if you manage to get past their rough shell, you will find a lover ready to build you a home.
ruled by the Sun, they are full of light, charm, and themselves. They expect to be pampered by whoever dares to enter their romantic territory. Profess your love to a lion, and you will have to be brave enough to keep up with their flame --- or they will eat you alive.
The virgin appears innocent and fragile on the outside, but they possess such a nurturing spirit. If you approach Virgo with a disaster, they will use every ounce within themselves to organize and color coordinate it. Although they might be too nit-picky sometimes, they're just looking to perfect everything around them.
the scales need balance in all aspects of life. They constantly battle for interpersonal justice and have a magnetism about their accepting personalities. They seek beauty in practically everything. Their vanity helps them develop an amazing sense of humor and insight towards others which makes them one of the most mentally stimulating signs.
the scorpion can live without you. Scorpions do not need anyone, or at least that's what they tell themselves. They tend to cling to destructive and dark energy, and that magical, mysterious aura could sweep you off your feet. They are one of the most loyal and intoxicating signs of the zodiac.
they are full of fire and depth. The centaur holds a simplicity towards itself, a truthful and direct nature that is addicting. Their philosophical and educational side can seem to be arrogant sometimes, but it can help you grow and flourish.
although they seem too simple, too routined, they are far from that. Underneath the roughest feminine zodiac sign is a very confident, dark, and wise soul. They mean business and they understand how important sexual energy and commitment truly is.
the rebel of the zodiac, it takes a lot to conquer the love of an Aquarian if you're looking for more than a friendship. The water bearer can be friends with just about anyone, but they struggle to commit to someone who can't handle handle their boisterousness and eccentricity. They are truly one-of-a-kind.
the hopeless romantic of all signs, they possess such a deep, mysterious energy. They are extremely creative, especially when inspired by love. It takes a lot for someone to truly understand the depth of a Piscean, and this fish needs to protect itself from being misused by a more shallow being.
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